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Mister Incredible is a Nigerian rapper and currently the CEO of Chocolate City, a record label that has produced great artiste like Iceprince.

He was born to Pastor and Mrs Abaga from Takum, Taraba state. He attended Baptist High School, Jos. His love for music increased and began to practise when his mother purchased basic music notations and later, a 7-key mini piano. He has two brothers, Jesse Jagz who is also in the Nigerian and African music scene, and Jason Abaga.

He started music properly in 2003 and had a breakthrough in 2003 when he commenced the production of mixtapes with his friend Djinee. This led to the critically acclaimed single “Safe”, (a song which he parodied popular Nigerian songs in its lyrics) which has gathered impressive airplay by African radio and music video stations. The track also earned him awards at the Nigerian Music Video Awards, City People, N.E.A amongst others.

He rose to prominence in 2006 when his song “Crowd Mentality” became popular in his hometown of Jos. On 11 December 2008, M.I released his critically acclaimed debut album entitled, Talk about It. The album was then followed by M.I 2 in 2010 and later The Chairman in 2014.

He has been described by many Nigerian hip hop fans as Nigeria’s “Hip Hop Messiah”.,MI has done a lot to bring a Northern presence to the Nigerian music industry, he depicts the perfect example of bringing Nigeria together. His music is conscious; therefore he is a leader in many ways to the youth of Nigeria. He is the founder of Loopy Records, and he is signed to Chocolate City. M.I produces with Chocolate City, and has produced albums and songs for his label mates.

M.I was appointed a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2012.[16][17] M.I also supports the “Jostified” campaign.

M.I has achieved worldwide recognition as part of the vanguard of the “Afrobeats” wave.

Other achievements are:

The Headies 2015- Best Rap Album (The Chairman)

Hip Hop world Awards- Best Rap Album 2009 –

Hip Hop World Awards 2009 – Hip Hop Revelation–

Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2009 Best New Act of the Year– Nigerian Entertainment Awards

Hip Hop World Awards 2008 – Best Rap Single

Modemen Awards 2008 – Musician of the Year–

MTV Africa Music Awards 2009 – Best Hip Hop-

MTV Africa Music Awards 2009 – Best New Act-

NMVA 2009 – Best Use of Special Effects in a video-

NMVA 2009 – Best Mainstream Hip Hop Video-

The Future Awards 2010 – Musician of the Year-

City People 2010 – Musician of the Year –

National Daily 2010 – Artist of the Year –

Malaysian African Entertainments Awards 2010 – Musician of the Year –

Orange Wall of Fame 2010 -Most Amiable Brand –

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