(9ice) Alexander Abolore Adegbola

BIO (9ice) Alexander Abolore Adegbola

The Alapomeji Ancestor Record boss is a legendary Nigerian singer.
9ice attended Abule Okuta Primary School and CMS Grammar School, and dropped out from his Law course at the Lagos State University to concentrate on music. He grew up in a polygamous home of five wives and nine children. His parents found about his singing career a year after it started around 2000. Before then, 9ice wrote his own songs dating back to when he was just 14 years old. It is worth noting that as a big fan of Pasuma Wonder, he kick-started his singing career with Fuji music. He derives his inspiration from his environment, and music from the likes of Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Adé, Tatalo Alamu, Late Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, Late Alhaji Haruna Ishola.

After recording his first demo, 9ice joined a group called Mysterious Boys with whom he did a couple of tracks before going on to form his own, now defunct, group Abinibi. Having recorded his first demo titled Risi De Alagbaja in 1996 and his first solo song, Little Money in 2000, 9ice had to wait till 2005 before himself and his music started gaining recognition in the Nigerian music market.

The first major break for 9ice came from his first single title Little Money and not long after then he did collaborations with different Nigerian artist that immediately prompted the release of another hit single title Ganja Man. Id.Cabasa produced Ganja Man which was released with other songs in March 2006. The reggae tone and playful style of the song made it an instant hit. He later found his own record company and release all other album under his label ALapomeji Records.

He joined a group called the Mysterious Boys but only recorded a few tracks and then split. In 2000he recorded his first solo but it took 5 years before he would be recognized by the Nigerian music industry. His producer is I.D Cabasa and produced the song that really raised him into popularity was “Ganja Man” which was a reggae style in 2006.

9ice is known because he does a lot of his music in the Yoruba language and a little of Pidgin English as well. He also has his own label called Alapomeji Records and has performed at some shows including Mandela’s 90th Birthday in London and his country’s 50 year anniversary of independence in Malaysia and Holland.

Besides being a performer, 9ice is also the UN Youth ambassador, Lagos State Environmental ambassador, the 46664 Nelson Mandela Charity Organization ambassador which gives awareness of HIV/AIDS, and the Global Public Health Ambassador to Society for Family Health. 9ice is now trying to get a degree after having dropped out in his earlier years. H does online courses in the Capella University for Criminal Law and Public Safety.

He was once married with Tony Payne and had a son with her called Zion. This marriage ended in 2010 after a series of arguments about her having dated many of the music industry’s artists. It was said that some where supposedly friends of his. He then got together with his lover Vicki Gordis, which he had girl twins with called Maya and Miya.

In 2014, he tried quitting music to go to the House of Representatives but was defeated in the primary elections even after a lot of support from his fans.

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